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Sticking by your side

Sticking by your side

Sticking by your side

forever, and always.

Write love letters and grab a nice bottle of wine. When you say I do, nail it in a box and open it when you both really can’t take it anymore….read it and remember how it all started.

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Top 5 Things Guys Must Know:

1. If it is a date, you pay. Other wise it is a hangout, and she is free to see other people:

A guy should always pay when taking a girl out. Guys, women expect you to pay not because they need the money, but because it shows her that you can take care of her. That you care enough to invest in her. If you are not willing to pay, then you are not ready for a girlfriend or even the dating scene. 


Image2. Respect her idea’s and her in general:

She will accomplish all her goals with or with out you, so if you want to be a part of her journey, respect her ideas. Let her talk. Be about her. Ask questions. All these things will let her know that she is important to you, and trust me she will return the feelings. 


3. Be straight up with her:

If you want to be a d*uck buddy, or you just want to hook up, be straight with her. Respect yourself enough to be honest with her. If you like her, tell her, if you don’t… she can handle it. Just be honest, because if you pretend to like her when you don’t or blindly use her, things will get messy. 


4. Be a Bad Boy, Good Man

Do not show to much interest. Be mysterious. Let her see that you like her through your actions, but you should never tell her that over and over again. Let her wonder. 


5. Smell yummy 

Be put together. You want to see your girl looking like a million bucks, and smelling like daises, get up…shower… and spray cologne. Guys you will never understand what it does to a girl when a guy wears the right amount of cologne…too much is overwhelming and makes us dizzy… too little  you will not smell like anything and that is boring. 3 sprays is perfect…one on your neck, and one on your shirt, the last is anywhere! 


Hope this helps! 





What Love Really Is?

I may not know exactly how to define love, secular or spiritually, but I know one thing… Love never fails, it never ends. Love cannot be turned off and on. Love always lingers. You love enough to let the person go, but love is not walking away. Love is endless understanding, and passionate compassion. Love is something natural, not something you learn to do. Love is what keeps you calm when the world is wild, and is what makes your heart wild when your life is calm. Love is incomprehensible. Love knows all your weaknesses, insecurities, but transforms them into your strongest aspects of your personality. Love is not what will make you better, but what does make you better. Love is crazy, and healthy. Love is what will give you life.