Tips for Women

1. Don’t pretend to like something because he does 

Chances are if you do not like something that he is into, it is not a deal breaker. If you don’t like football, do not pretend to for him. Instead ask him about his interests, and be genuine in trying to learn about it. Ask him to teach you, or simply respect his interests and continue with your own! 

2. Look your best!

Even in sweat pants and no make up on, make the effort to at least look put together. Smell good, and never forget your best accessory… a smile!

3.  Happy women are the prettiest women

Be happy and satisfied with where you’re at in life before you start looking for someone. If you are a hot mess, take a breather from the dating scene… compose yourself. Love yourself. Make the changes you need to make for you. You have to love yourself before any man will love you. 

4. Do not, I repeat do not try to change your man

If the bad outweighs the good, either learn to love it or move on. He is who he is, and when you say ” I like you,” that means “I like YOU,” not “I like you, but can you cut your hair, get a better job, and throw away your comic books.” 

5. Make him feel like the man

This does not give him the right to disrespect you, or boss you around; however, ladies let your man be just that…your man. Let him make decisions on his own, and encourage him. Respect him, and let him love you. The saying goes, “behind every strong man there is a strong woman”, not behind every weak man there is a controlling woman. So let him be that strong man for you girl! Make him feel important in your life.

6. Listen to his day, his ambitions, his dreams

Yes you may have had an awesome day, or the worst day of your life, but he does not need to know every detail. Leave that for your friends. Give him an overview of your day, and if it really was that bad then break down and tell him…but after all that give him room to talk too, and to share with you. If he doesn’t want to talk about his day, don’t badger him, but at least let him know you are taking the time out to know his thoughts. 

Hope this helps!!