If He Wants to He Will

Hardest thing to understand, and put into practice is, if he wants to he will.

What I mean about this is if the guy/girl you are talking to wants to be in your life they will. We have all used The Line. The excuse that we resort to which really means “I am done with you/ you are the back up” in much fewer words. However, no matter how many times we use The Line, we often don’t catch it when it is used on us.

I promise you, chances are the person you are talking to, and have been talking to, did not “forget to call.” (Even if they did forget to call, that means they weren’t thinking about you, don’t you want to be memorable?)

They also weren’t too busy that they couldn’t talk for 5 minutes within that two week period. (They were probably getting busy.) Notice I said two week period, not a day…people get busy for a day or two, even three; however, 14 days is plenty time to fit in a 5 minute conversation. 

It is hard to do, but stop making excuses for the person you are talking to. Think about it this way, you are probably pretty busy too, considering how fast pace our culture is. (If you aren’t, then get busy. No one likes a person that is doing nothing with their life.) I know I am trying to balance being a full-time student at the University of Texas- Austin, an internship at Texas CASA, and a social life. When I finally meet a guy I like I set time aside for them. Regardless of how busy I am. When you meet a guy you really like how bad do you want to hear from them? How many times do you check your phone? Put time aside, cancel plans for them, or text them first. How many things remind you of them?

Don’t you think that you deserve the same from them too?

When your person was hot for you, remember all the cute things they did? Text first, surprises, dates? He went out of his way for you, and chances are he still has that same job, schedule, and hobby that he had when he was doing all those things. Yes the romance dies down and couples move onto a more mature stage, however, don’t be that person who tries to hold on when they are obviously letting go. Don’t miss the signs dude, because there are few things sadder then the person who is holding on by a thin thread.

Trust me, because I have been both the chasee and the chaser.

People, don’t be someones RBI, be their home run.

(In other words, do not be used as a rebound, or a second option, or a backup plan. Be the one they want first, the one that every person works for.)

And if you please, linger a little bit longer with me



I am not catholic

I am not catholic…I was raised catholic; however, found christ in my own way. (A story for another time.)

After watching the movie called “The Life of Pie,” I learned that just because I do not believe in religion, does not mean I cannot find value in it. (Personally, I believe in a relationship with God. A back and forth dialogue.)

Therefore this year, I want to fast during Lent and Ramadan.

The one thing I loved and still do about the Catholic religion is Lent. This idea of fasting for something greater than myself, and asking for the will power to do so rocks my world.

Giving more of myself, by consuming less. I love it!

I want to rid myself of all distractions during Lent. I want to focus on my God, and His intentions for my life. I don’t want to miss out on anything due to my obsession with Facebook, sleeping in, and talking about myself.

I want to be better…

So until then, linger a little longer with me?


It’s a slow fade

Be careful what you say

for empty words and promises hurt. 

Be careful what you hear,

for what you hear will turn into what you think.

Be careful where you stand

for where you stand will break if you don’t stand on solid ground.

Be careful what you see,

for what you see will soon be what you do

What you put in is what you get out. If you do not like where you are in life, or feel as though you deserve more…look at what you are putting in. 

Basic physics tells you, the energy any object can give is the energy put in it in the first place. PE=KE nothing more. 

If you half way do things, you half way succeed. It is never too late to give it your all. 

Like my Nike Fit Trainer says, what are you waiting for? What are you conserving all this energy for? You have one life. Only 100 years, you don’t get another shot at this life. So what are you saving your potential for? 


I can only imagine.

This video reminds me, I am not here for forever.
I am only here temporarily.
So comforting to know, when I am going through the valleys in my life. I will not be there long.
Such a good reminder when I am standing on the mountain top, that my successes on earth may feel great, but it’s not for me. All my glory is meant to glorify the Lord, and that my true success is being before Christ. Surrounded by his glory, dancing with Jesus. Being with those that have passed before I have.

Evolution, what God wanted?

I am currently enrolled in two classes that have really sparked so much interest regarding the field of human nature. More specifically religion and evolution.

Although I believe evolution to be true, I also believe that humans have evolved in a way so distinct from every other creature (species) on earth that believing in some sort of super nature force is not too far fetched. Even Darwin wrote about this sense of morality and ethics human’s have evolved.

I want to delve into Darwinism more. Natural selection is a metaphor, simply because nature does not choose anything specifically. Rather, the species that have adapted according to the changes in their environment correctly, survive. This is said to be done randomly.

This is where I start to wonder why the idea of a super natural force orchestrating each change in the environment and the adaption that would develop with it is so unbelievable. The question that follows then would be, why would this force change the environment in the first place? Well, if this almighty force had a set plan, why can’t changes be a part of it?

For any argument, more specifically evolution and a supernatural force’s involvement in evolution, a base premise (assumption) must be made.

For evolution the assumption is all species that are considered alive, derived from the “carbon atom.”

For a supernatural force to be involved in evolution the assumption has to be made that something supernatural exist.

In my opinion both assumptions have to be taken by faith.

As of right now, keep in mind I am only a month into both of these classes. I believe both of these assumptions to be true; however, that doesn’t mean my ideas are not subject to change. I do not believe evolution occurred without any purpose. I do not believe that, for simply the fun of it, nature decided to create such evolved species just so that they can die, and that be that. Not that nature can decide anyways.

I believe that, regardless of the human tendency to need a purpose, that each species has evolved into what God needs them to be at this specific time to fulfill his ultimate goal.

I believe that science and God fit together beautifully, and to separate the two simply devalues the full experience of life.

Food for thought.

Until later, linger a little longer with me.